VFX & 360

VFX for Post

Drones can assist in a variety of ways especially in post production.  Whether it’s plates for a train ride, a whimsical night time ride through the sky or the eyes of an insect.  We have a solution to get real footage, not CGI to be used.

360º Video Capture

360º video has a unique place in the world. Often times it is viewed as a consumer “gimick”   However, we believe can be a great tool for on screen use.  Especially with the world of LED walls and projectors being used as backdrops and lighting sources.  The ability to capture the entire environment simultaneously can be a huge time and money saver.


With LiDAR machines we can scan an area and get detailed mesh build of many environments.  If your production requires replication of city blocks, stadiums or large arenas, remote areas too costly for bringing a large crew.  LiDAR may be a viable solution adding to the authenticity of either CGI or scenes shot on an Unreal LED wall.

On Screen Tracking

Often times there is a need for moving tracking points that can be replaced later. Our aerial fleet can provide a variety of options for creating trackable objects on set.  We can adorn physical multicolored items or LEDs.  Allowing for realistic movement to be used later in post to composite the final product.

360º Drifting