Cinematic Freedom

What is FPV? Why should you care?

FPV or First Person View style of flying gives the pilot unmatched precision with fully manual motion controls. We can fly freely to dive buildings, shoot gaps, and fly around and under anything imaginable. We build and design all of our FPV drones for specific payloads and movement styles in-house. FPV can be slow and purposeful as well as fast and heart-pounding; either way, it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.


The term “Cinelifter” is reserved for drones with the ability to carry a production-size camera.  Straying away from the world of GoPro. These beasts can carry a true cinema build and reach speeds of 100mph at 400ft heights. Carrying such a camera allows us to stay in the production workflow and match the project’s look with ease. The Cinelifters’ improved capability while providing access to production cameras delivers stunning angles that were previously impossible with tethered production cranes and dollys.

The Wide World of Whoops

“Cinewhoops” as we lovingly refer to them are generally “ducted” quads.  These ducts do two things.  Firstly they offer protection from the propellers.  Making it safer flying in close proximity to people and objects.  Secondly they provide more thrust. Allowing us to shrink the wingspan of the drone, while maintaining enough power to push around bigger payloads in a reduced footprint.

Custom FPV

We love to build and we love a challenge.  If you have a shot in mind that would require a specific type of drone for whatever reason, we can make it happen.  Want to transition from under water to flying in the air?  Wanna fly through a moving car?  We live to bring the imagination to reality.

Indoor Whoop Flying

Park Whoop Flying