Real Time Streaming

Real Time Event Coverage

When looking to cover an event in an area such as the 2.1 mile track at Nola Motorsports you’re going to need a lot of cameras and cables! or do you?  Drones can help expand your coverage with out breaking the budget.  Dual operated drones, one pilot and one camera op, are flexible and able to relocate quickly to give the illusion of more cameras than you have.  As well as keeping shots for long extended periods that may have previously required a lot of cuts in the action.

Pop up Solutions

We can offer multiple gimbal and FPV drones giving live feeds simultaneously.  Allowing for in tight coverage of the action, as well as an overview of the entire event.  Covering everything from the pits, the grid, to the judges table.  Since the camera is moving around and not us we are able to keep a light footprint and load in/out quickly at any event.

Gridlife @ Nola Motorsports

KlutchKickers Round 5